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Sultan Ahmed Study Centre

The Organization is open to all castes and creeds

Computer Centre Lab

The Highest quality standards of the computer training.

Sultan Ahmed English Academy

A comprehensive course in spoken English.

Electronics Institute

It is register under the Department of Employment & Training, Government of Gujarat.

Computer Centre

Sultan Ahmed Computer Study Centre lab

Sultan Ahmed Computer Centre is one of the premier education institutes with 15 years of experience in the field of IT training. It has trained over 50 thousands professional in over the world...

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English Academy

Sultan Ahmed English Study Center

Sultan Ahmed English Academy is used through International methods Listening, Reading, Speaking & Writing centered on challenges of education - Access, Equity and Quality from last 13 years...

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Fashion Design

Sultan Ahmed Fashion Design Institute

SAIF Design is a fashion institute in Gujarat. It was set up in 2000 under the aegis of the ASMWC. It is an institution of modernization of Indian garments and fashion design technology to fulfill the demand of the time...

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Electronics Institute

Sultan Ahmed Electronics Institute

Everybody wants to become a part of a growing industry, to start their own establishment and touch new heights for the up-liftment of their financial status and happiness & secured future for their family...

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About Us

The Ahmedabad Sunni Muslim Wakf Committee has its roots in the history of this great city which is known as “Walled city”.

Sultan Ahmed Shah Badshah founded and developed this historical city which is full of historical building and monuments. Sultan Ahmed was a Saint-Emperor who did not own have palace for his luxurious and comfortable living. Seeing the sultan’s renunciation towards worldly pleasures his Chief Minister...

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"We are grateful for the co-operation extended by the principal, Mr. Rais Munshi, we hope to continue our association in future"

"We would like to thank the Sultan Ahmed Institutw for faciliting the shooting of the programme 'Mobile Handset Technology' ".

- Bhargav Thakkar
(ISRO) Goverment of India

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